Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We ascribe to the theory of Social Role Valorization (SRV) which is the understanding that the good things any society has to offer are more easily accessible to people who have valued social roles. Conversely, people who have devalued social roles, or very few marginally valued ones, have a much harder time obtaining the good things of life available to those with valued social status.

There is generally broad agreement that the good things of life typically include such things as having a home, spending one’s time meaningfully, loving and being loved, having a range of relationships, contributing, having control over things that matter, safety and financial security. The importance of the deep feeling of belonging and acceptance is a human need of all of us.

Staff who are trained in Social Role Valorization have a much deeper understanding of the lives of the individuals served. SRV teaches how to develop and maintain valued roles such as employee, volunteer, student, community member, and church member, as examples. Valued roles help people who are vulnerable to be accepted in the community, to experience a sense of belonging, and to be able to contribute according to their strengths.

The First Step

Often, recognizing that your loved one is an adult and that they need to forge their own life is the very first difficult step. The path to leatting go is never easy … can we help you begin that journey?