Etana is a great place to work.

Helping our individuals to live meaningful lives is at the heart of what we do. That would not be possible without the amazing people that work at Etana. Every person counts and makes an important impact. No matter the position. We value our staff and our individuals and believe that everyone should be treated with respect. 

We are always looking for skilled personnel to join our team. 

Do you love people? Are you thoughtful and responsive and have good communication skills, enjoy laughter, and being a part of a compassionate team? Then we would love to hear from you.

Why work for us

  • We offer a comprehensive benefit package for all qualifying employees. 
  • We recognize our staff in multiple ways, including service recognition and staff appreciation events.
  • Ongoing professional development and training are priorities within Etana. 
    We provide training in the following areas: Values Based Training such as Social Role Valorization, Medication Administration, SIVA training, Abuse Protocol, Leadership and Advisory Council workshops. 
  • We provide positive and caring workplace.  

What Some Of Our Employees Say About Their Work

“CARS is a great, positive and supportive agency to work with.  It is a community-based team.  I’m grateful to work with this agency and have a purposeful career.  Etana offers various educational training that is relevant to the field and varying opportunities.  Come join our team, it will be worth it.  I sure love it!”  – Sophie

“I have been with Etana for a year and a half and have enjoyed the natural flow of this agency.  I came to Etana to work within our community with individuals who want to be a part of their community.  A smaller agency in Central Alberta encourages social role valorization within their daily lives as well as their community.  Right from my interview I saw and felt how important Etana involves the individuals to be a part of this agency.  I was asked tough questions from one individual who accesses services as he was a part of the interview panel and was paid for his time to talk to me.  This was the first time ever in my 25+ years in the social service profession that I had to justify my skills and knowledge to someone I would be assisting.  Getting hired after my interview reminded me of not who I’d be working for but how I would be impacting someone’s life.”  – Lori

“I have truly enjoyed my employment with the Etana Agency these past 20 years. This is the longest number of years I have worked at any job and I would have loved to have continued into my 80’s if possible.  That is how much I felt fulfilled in my work with the individuals we serve.  I have been able to use my gift of helping to enrich other’s lives.”  – Jennifer (Employed by Etana from 2000 – 2020)

“Etana is a non-profit community based organization  that not only genuinely supports the individuals in their care, but also their staff.
  I am extremely proud to be a member of the Etana team.” – Shirley

“I have worked for CARS now know as Etana for over 10 years in different positions.   I enjoy working in the community, the group homes, and respite in my home with the individuals. I get a sense of pride working with the clientele and that I can possibly enhance someone’s life in my community. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to others looking to get into the field of working with Special Needs persons.” – Eileen