“We have found strength all around us with you in our lives and comfort in all the wonderful memories”.

We want to recognize and celebrate the lives of the people we have provided service to and value the impact they had on us.

Names Matter!

Doreen Ella Befus 1926-2001

Doreen Ella Befus

Doreen was a unique and remarkable person.  A sister, an aunt, a caregiver, a writer, and an activist.  She grew up in institutions until coming to CARS (now Etana).  Doreen demonstrated resilience and personal courage, both of which were necessary ingredients for her to overcome medical diagnosis and accompanying labels.  Listening respectfully, and working with her through her history, we were able to see beyond the limitations of labels and develop a vision for all individuals to live full, meaningful lives.  It is because of what Doreen taught us and the impact that she has had on so many lives that we are honored to name one of our homes after her. 

ChadDanielson 1979-2008


Chad’s Place is named after a young man that had multiple disabilities whom we supported for a number of years. Chad passed away far too young at the age of 29 years. In the course of our time together Chad taught us many things about caring and supporting people. When we had the opportunity to build a new home, we incorporated many of these lessons into the design and structure. In naming this house Chad’s Place we honor him and what he taught us.

In loving memory of